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Reclaiming rules talks about rights and responsibilities of company Falco SK, s.r.o. and it’s customers in area of reclaiming of products.


FALCO SK, s.r.o. is responsible for products defects in time of buying product and for defects founded during the time of warranty. The warranty time is 24 months and begins since the day of delivery of product to buyer.

How to reclaim product

Repair of defected product in warranty time will be done free of charge and without time delay.

The right to reclaim defected product end after the warranty time ends.

Reclaiming terms and conditions

With sending product on warranty repair must be following done:

-         send original invoice

-         the product is physically not destroyed

Responsibilities of Falco SK, s.r.o.

If the defect is repairable, the reclaiming customer have right on the free and quick repair of product.

Customer can in place of repair demand change of product, or if only part of product is defected to change this part, if it does not bring inadequate costs to seller in comparison with the price of product (shipping and administrative costs)

If the defect is not repairable, the customer have right on change of the product or repay the price of it.

If there was the same defect on product after repair founded, the customer have right on change of product or repay the price of it.

Falco SK, s.r.o. is not responsible for any damages, injury or financial costs from not safe using of it’s products.

In Banska Stiavnica, 1.7.2006