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Type 6302

Product codeType 6302
Warranty2 years

KYDEX belt holster with leather platform

Exclusive belt holster in combination with leather back part and Kydex front connects comfortable use with self locking security of Kydex. 

- Made from KYDEX T thickness 2mm
- Avaliable in diferent colors
- Gun is not in contact with the body
- Belt clip on 40 or 50 mm 
- Quick and easy draw of and putting back to the holster
- Without secure gun in holster, gun is holding self-locking
- Avaliable in left and right – handed design 
- 2 years warranty
  • Made from KYDEX T thickness 2mm and Leather
  • Avaliable in diferent colours
  • Sweat guard
  • Belt loops for 40 or 50 mm belt
  • Avaliable in left or right – handed design
  • 2 years warranty

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